Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yeah, it's random, but that's me today...

So guess what just came on Pandora? Yup: I'm Your Captain, the Worst. Song. EVAH. So naturally I thought of you and decided to share the earworm. So here ya go. You're welcome.
Also, we went to testdrive Toyotas last night. They have 72 months zero interest right now. That is one awesome truck. I'll say it again: one awesome truck. The 4-wheel-drive was major buttercream, too.
HOWEVER. I think I'm comfortable with my Nissan Titan. Granted, it's not 4-wheel drive, but as Bubba said, I'd just get into trouble. And it doesn't have leather, but George sits on a sheet in the back, which covers a multitude of dog hair. BUT it didn't cost $50,000, either, and it has a better-lookin dash instrumentation panel and a hugely more killer stereo. Now if it had the Toyota's steering, well... let's just say I'd probably go get into trouble anyway.

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